Ustad Vilayat Khan Foundation, Inc. (UVKF) is a not for profit organization based in New Jersey. The organization has been established in the recent past to continue the philanthropic legacy of late Ustad Vilayat Khan, the legendary Indian sitarist, who, at his time, was considered to be one of the very top musicians of the world.

Ustad Vilayat Khan Foundation



UVKF has the overarching mission of advancing the cause of preservation and propagation of Indian Classical music. And the foundation has identified the following set of objectives to pursue the mission.



Identify and assist talented and deserving Indian Classical musicians in fine-tuning their craft through provision of financial support for superior and continued training,

Financial support

Financially support blind and physically challenged Indian classical musicians in India,

Helping & Developing

Explore avenues for fostering overall wellbeing of children by helping them develop and nurture musical skills and appreciation, both in the U.S. and the international arena.


Building a single electronic repository of the vast timeless and priceless musical creations of Ustad Vilayat Khan.


Impressive Work

Despite being a very early stage organization, the foundation has done some impressive work in the ongoing process of realisation of the objectives.They include the following:



Identification of three (3) Music gurus (teachers) in India who are at the top of their profession and funding the training of eight (8) carefully selected up and coming classical musicians under the tutelage of these gurus.



Preliminary identification and negotiation of a scholarship program at a school for blind musicians in India.


Initial work seeking to establish a musical therapy/wellbeing program at Harlem Children’s Foundation in NewYork City.

UVK Funds


UVK raises funds necessary to achieve the above objectives through organising periodic fundraiser musical concerts and fairs, and seeking donations and sponsorships from socially conscious organizations, businesses, and individuals.

Your kind support and patronage of the foundation and the upcoming concert will be much appreciated.


Ustad Vilayat Khan Foundation, Inc.
501 (c), 2014